About Us

Located in the Heart of the Mary Valley, our medical practice provides contemporary, professional and friendly health care. We strive to assist patients with all their health needs with a considerate and caring approach. Our exceptional team of GPs, enrolled nurses and medical receptionists value the importance of providing our patients with the highest standards of care.

At Doctors @ Kenilworth our patients are met with professional and reliable medical advice which is tailored to their needs and expectations. We recognise the success of continuning health care is helping our patients strategise and incorporate good health practices into their everyday lives. We believe in the power of living with healthy and sustainable practices for living an optimal life.

We are happy to announce the recent changes to our practice, as welcoming Dr. Nazli Amini we are now available 5 days a week. Dr. Siobhan MacDonald will continue to provide healthcare on Mondays and Fridays. Dr. Nazli Amini will be practicing on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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