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We offer care through all stages of pregnancy, including pre-natal and post-partum checks. We have a doppler for listening to the foetal heart rate, can take bloods and offer urine and blood pressure checks though out the pregnancy. We also can provide Anti-D, Flu vaccination and whooping cough vaccination.

Our nursing team and doctors are happy to assist with the provision of care plans and health assessments in order to assure that you have the highest level of care available. We co-ordinate care with allied health professionals including physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and podiatrists to name but a few. Care planning can make accessing these allied health professionals available with a Medicare rebate.

Health assessments are a useful tool across the 45-49 years and also for the over 75yrs to offer preventative health and screening options. A lot of adult illnesses which are best treated in the early stages can go unnoticed without screening. Prevention is better than cure.

Let us assist you with the diagnosis and management of this common and potentially serious disorder.  Have you been screened for this yet?

We can offer drivers licence medicals for the over 75 years, commercial drivers and drivers with listed medical conditions requiring ongoing assessment.

Flu vaccines are usually given a month or two before the start of the predicted influenza season each year. We rely on the Health Department to provide the vaccines for those eligible under medicare. Eligibility is worked out on age and also medical history. Please ask our nurses or doctor if you fit into one of these categories.

We take our own blood samples at the surgery reducing the patients’ need to travel to another pathology centre for this service.

We offer a wide range of Men’s Health services including but not limited to general health checks, prostate checks and STD screening.

We can offer a range of pre-employment medicals. Please discuss this with our clinic nurse before making a booking to make sure that we can cover your particular requirements.

Dr Siobhan MacDonald has done specialist training to offer Scuba Diving Medical Assessments. These are privately billed with no rebate through Medicare.  

Our doctors are proficient at skin surveillance and treatment of many skin conditions including skin cancers and eczema. We can offer biopsies and excisions in the surgery.

We can give advice regarding recommendations and requirements for overseas travel. We can refer to specialist centres for Yellow Fever vaccination.

Our doctors are experienced in all aspects of ‘Women’s Health ‘ including but not limited to  Cervical Screening Tests, Menopause, Period related issues, Contraception  and  STD screening.

We handle all areas of worker’s compensation medicine.

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